ADXA Articles of Association


The Arkansas DX Association began its existence on June 29, 1967 with Charter Members Larry Woosley, W5HJA, Moritz Shollmier, WA5EFL, San Hutson, K5QHS and Dick Freeling, W5TIZ. During this inaugural meeting held at the home of K5QHS, the following officers were elected:

President – Larry Woosley, W5HJA
Vice President – Moritz Shollmier, WA5EFL
Sec/Treas – San Hutson, K5QHS

Articles of Association were drafted and approved during a phone call meeting on July 1, 1967. Considerable interest in ADXA grew and monthly meetings were held with many in attendance although some did not join or meet ADXA membership criteria of holding DXCC. The second meeting in July 1967 was held at the home of Dick Freeling, W5TIZ and the third meeting, on August 13, was held at the home of Moritz Sholmier, WA5EFL.

On October 22, 1967, Ken Copeland, W5THY was accepted as an Associate Member followed by LeRoy, WA5ZKE.

On November 20, 1967, the Arkansas DX Association became an ARRL Affiliated Club and has maintained 100% ARRL membership Affiliated Club status to this day!

On September 7, 1968 ADXA held its first DXCC dinner with around 50 people attending including 29 radio amateurs, the 4 original members and 3 associate members. Ham Robinson, W4ZR was the key note speaker.

On May 19, 1968 ADXA elected new officers as follows:

President – Moritz Shollmeir, WA5EFL
Vice President – San Hutson, K5QHS
Sec/Treas – Ian Campbell, WA5OFT

In October 1968 Ben Tomlinson, WA5QYR became a full member.

The second ADXA DX dinner was held in the fall of 1970. San Hutson, K5QHS, who had just returned from a DXPedition to KS4 Swan Island, was the key note speaker. Ed Moory of Moory Electronics in DeWitt set up an equipment display at the banquet.

During the next few years regularly scheduled meetings were not held although the group remained in place and in contact. On February 2, 1973 a meeting of the Arkansas DX Association was held to reorganize and reaffirm the Articles of Association. During that meeting, Bill Priakos, W5SJ was elected President and the following members present:

Dick Freeling, W5TIZ
Larry Woosely, W5HJA
Bud Daunhauer W5WZN
Paul Wynne, AF5M
Robert Rose, WB5BID
J.M. Jolly, W5ZXS
John Aubrey, WA5WMD
Bill Priakos, W5SJ

Since its beginning in 1967, the Arkansas DX Association has continued to exist and grow and is the premiere, and only, DX club and 100% ARRL membership Affiliated Club in Arkansas.

ADXA is proud to be celebrating its 55th anniversary in 2022!

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