ADXA 52nd Anniversary Conference Photos

Some of the attendees at the 52nd Anniversary Conference

More Attendees at the 52nd Anniversary Conference

N0AX Presents “Grounding & Bonding”

N5DX/ZF2DX Presents “Remote Operating”

K5EJ Presents “DX’ing on a Budget”

K5FUV Presents “DXCC: The Political & Geographical History of the World Since 1945”

N0AX Presents “DX’ing & Contesting 2.0”

W5ZN Presents “Low Band Receive Antenna Options”

W5ZN & 2018 Recipient WB5BHS Present WQ5T with the 2019 ADXA DX Hog Award

WQ5T and WB5BHS with their ADXA DX Hog Plaques

WQ5T receives a TX7T shirt from TX7T Team Member Bill W5SJ for working TX7T as an All Time New One for her DXCC 100

N0AX receives an “Arkansas Traveler” Certificate signed by Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson

N5RN Receives plaque recognizing his many years of service to ADXA as Sec/Treas & Newsletter Editor

ADXA DX Hog # 1

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